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Bob Swinarski
Instructor of Computer Information Systems and Network Technology

Office: D293
Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension 6330
Email: Retrieving email address ...

Schedule for Spring 2018:

BUS221 01Y *Intro to Project Management3:00 PM4:30 PM TD203MAIN01/16/18-05/12/18
BUS221 66 *Intro to Project ManagementTBATBA ONLNDIST01/16/18-05/12/18
CIS113 01 *Web Publishing12:20 PM1:40 PM M WD203MAIN01/16/18-05/12/18
CIS113 66 *Web PublishingTBATBA ONLNDIST01/16/18-05/12/18
CIS116 L67 *Microcomputer ApplicationsTBATBA ONLNDIST03/19/18-05/12/18
CIS204 51 *Web Design and Implementation5:00 PM7:45 PM TD203MAIN01/16/18-05/12/18
CIS204 66 *Web Design and ImplementationTBATBA ONLNDIST01/16/18-05/12/18
CIS215 01Y *Web Scripting2:30 PM3:50 PM M WD203MAIN01/16/18-05/12/18
CIS215 66 *Web ScriptingTBATBA ONLNDIST01/16/18-05/12/18

* Comments for BUS221-01Y: In person & online requirement
* Comments for BUS221-66: 360 learning; Xlist BUS 221-01
* Comments for CIS113-01: 360 degree learning/Xlist CIS1
* Comments for CIS113-66: 360 degree learning, Xlist CIS
* Comments for CIS116-L67: Last 8 weeks, requires Office
* Comments for CIS204-51: Xlisted with CIS204-66
* Comments for CIS204-66: Xlisted with CIS204-51,www.gen
* Comments for CIS215-01Y: Xlist with CIS215-66;360 Degre
* Comments for CIS215-66: 360 learning, Proctored exams,

Office hours:

Monday, Wednesday 1:40-2:30pm, 3:50-4:45pm
Tuesday: 2:00-3:00pm, 4:30-5:00pm