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Norman Gayford
Professor of English

Office: B285 Batavia; Rm. 30
Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension 6282
Email: Retrieving email address ...

Schedule for Spring 2019:

ENG101 ISCollege CompositionTBATBA MAINMAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
ENG102 49Comp Natural & Social Sciences2:10 PM3:30 PM T R307WAR 01/14/19-05/11/19
ENG102 68 *Comp Natural & Social SciencesTBATBA ONLNDIST01/14/19-05/11/19
ENG106 66 *Technical WritingTBATBA ONLNDIST01/14/19-05/11/19
ENG106 67 *Technical WritingTBATBA ONLNDIST01/14/19-05/11/19
LIT214 66 *Play AnalysisTBATBA ONLNDIST01/14/19-05/11/19
PHI103 66 *EthicsTBATBA ONLNDIST01/14/19-05/11/19
PHI103 99Y *Ethics5:05 PM6:25 PM T307WAR 01/14/19-05/11/19
SPE108 49Public Speaking3:40 PM5:00 PM T R307WAR 01/14/19-05/11/19
THE212 66 *Play AnalysisTBATBA ONLNDIST01/14/19-05/11/19
THE221 L1Y *Children's Theatre1:30 PM5:10 PM FB254MAIN02/11/19-05/11/19

* Comments for ENG102-68: www.genesee.edu/dl
* Comments for ENG106-66: www.genesee.edu/dl
* Comments for ENG106-67: www.genesee.edu/dl
* Comments for LIT214-66: www.genesee.edu/dl, Xlist THE
* Comments for PHI103-66: www.genesee.edu/dl
* Comments for PHI103-99Y: In person & online requirement
* Comments for THE212-66: www.genesee.edu/dl, Xlist LIT
* Comments for THE221-L1Y: Last 12 weeks, In person & onl

Office hours:

M: Stuart Steiner Theatre on Batavia Campus 5-6pm

T:  Warsaw Campus and Online Blackboard "Chat with Prof Gayford" 1-2pm  

W: Stuart Steiner Theatre on Batavia Campus 5-6pm

R: Warsaw Campus and Online in Chat 1pm- 2pm and
Office Online Chat with Prof Gayford 6:30-7:30pm

F: Online and Batavia Campus B285   12:00pm - 1:00pm    

M-F: Additional Live or Online meetings by appointment
Sat-Sun: Additional Online meetings by appointment

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