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Maureen Welch
Clinical Education Coordinator/Instructor for Respiratory Care Program

Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension
Email: Retrieving email address ...

Schedule for Fall 2017:

RCP101 01 *Respiratory Care 19:30 AM10:50 AM T RA326MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
RCP108 66 *Med Terminology Health StudiesTBATBA ONLNDIST08/21/17-12/08/17
RCP108 67 *Med Terminology Health StudiesTBATBA ONLNDIST08/21/17-12/08/17
RCP203 01Neonat & Pedi Resp9:00 AM10:20 AM M WA326MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
RCP210 01Clinical Practice27:00 AM3:00 PM T RFCLINMAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
RCPLB1 02 *Respiratory Care 1 Lab2:00 PM3:30 PM RA323MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17

* Comments for RCP101-01: Also reg RCP LB1
* Comments for RCP108-66: Only RCP students, Mandatory m
* Comments for RCP108-67: Mandatory meeting 8/24 Room A3
* Comments for RCPLB1-02: Also reg RCP 101

Office hours:

To be determined.