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Heather Jones
Associate Professor of Fine Arts

Office: hsjones@genesee.edu
Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension 6448
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Schedule for Spring 2018:

ART104 66 *Western Art History 2TBATBA ONLNDIST01/16/18-05/12/18
ART111 03Drawing 22:10 PM4:00 PM T RE218MAIN01/16/18-05/12/18
ART114 01 *Painting 110:00 AM11:50 AM T RE218MAIN01/16/18-05/12/18
ART115 01 *Painting 210:00 AM11:50 AM T RE218MAIN01/16/18-05/12/18
ART221 51Museum and Portfolio Fund4:05 PM5:55 PM RE218MAIN01/16/18-05/12/18
PHO118 46Intro to Digital Photography11:30 AM1:20 PM M W216DANS01/16/18-05/12/18

* Comments for ART104-66: www.genesee.edu/dl
* Comments for ART114-01: Xlist ART115 01
* Comments for ART115-01: Xlist ART114 01

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