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Garth Swanson
Professor of History

Office: B269
Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension 6291
Email: Retrieving email address ...

Schedule for Spring 2018:

HIS101 66 *World Civilizations 1TBATBA ONLNDIST01/16/18-05/12/18
HIS104 66 *Western Tradition 1TBATBA ONLNDIST01/16/18-05/12/18
HIS203 66 *U.S. History 1:Colonial - 1865TBATBA ONLNDIST01/16/18-05/12/18
HIS204 02U.S. History 2: 1865 - Present9:05 AM10:00 AM M W FC303MAIN01/16/18-05/12/18
HIS204 L67 *U.S. History 2: 1865 - PresentTBATBA ONLNDIST02/12/18-05/12/18
HON201 L1Y *Honors Seminar 15:00 PM7:00 PM RB260MAIN02/12/18-05/12/18
HON202 L1Y *Honors Seminar 25:00 PM7:00 PM RB260MAIN02/12/18-05/12/18
HON203 L1Y *Honors Seminar 35:00 PM7:00 PM RB260MAIN02/12/18-05/12/18
HON204 L1Y *Honors Seminar 45:00 PM7:00 PM RB260MAIN02/12/18-05/12/18

* Comments for HIS101-66: www.genesee.edu/dl
* Comments for HIS104-66: www.genesee.edu/dl
* Comments for HIS203-66: www.genesee.edu/dl
* Comments for HIS204-L67: Last 12 weeks, www.genesee.edu
* Comments for HON201-L1Y: Last 12 wks; Thurs Dates: TBA;
* Comments for HON202-L1Y: Last 12 wks; Thurs Dates: TBA;
* Comments for HON203-L1Y: Last 12 wks; Thurs Dates: TBA;
* Comments for HON204-L1Y: Last 12 wks: Thurs Dates;TBA:i

Office hours:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday:  10-11:00am (Cafeteria)
Monday/Wednesday:  11:00am-12:30pm (B269)

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