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David Johnson
Assistant Professor of Biology

Office: D365
Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension 6379
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Schedule for Spring 2019:

BIO100 01Y *Principles of Biology2:10 PM3:55 PM MC310MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
BIO100 02Y *Principles of Biology2:10 PM3:55 PM WC310MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
BIO116 01General Biology 22:10 PM4:55 PM RC310MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
BIO116 01General Biology 211:00 AM12:20 PM T RD354MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
BIO116 02General Biology 22:10 PM4:55 PM TC310MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
BIO116 02General Biology 29:30 AM10:50 AM T RD354MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
BIO201 51Microbiology & Human Disease6:00 PM8:45 PM M WC310MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19

* Comments for BIO100-01Y: In person & online requirement
* Comments for BIO100-02Y: In person & online requirement

Office hours: