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Carolyn Caccamise
Director/Assistant Professor of Veterinary Technology

Office: D321
Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension 6187
Email: Retrieving email address ...

Schedule for Fall 2017:

VET101 01Intro to Veterinary Technology11:15 AM12:10 PM M WD252MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
VET112 01 *Animal Anatomy & Physiology 18:00 AM9:25 AM M WC300MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
VET202 01 *Animal Clinic Externship 24:05 PM5:00 PM WD352MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
VETLB1 01 *Lab for VET 1129:30 AM10:50 AM M WC300MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17

* Comments for VET112-01: Also reg for VETLB1-01
* Comments for VET202-01: Dates as noted in syllabus
* Comments for VETLB1-01: Also reg VET112-01

Office hours:

To be determined.