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Amy Provenzo
Instructor/Clinical Education Coordinator of Respiratory Care

Office: A325
Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension x663
Email: Retrieving email address ...

Schedule for Spring 2019:

RCP115 01 *Mechanical Ventilation 18:00 AM9:20 AM T RA326MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
RCP216 01Clinical Practice 3TBATBA T RFHOSPMAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
RCPLB3 01 *Lab for RCP11510:30 AM12:10 PM TA323MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19
RCPLB3 02 *Lab for RCP11510:30 AM12:10 PM RA323MAIN01/14/19-05/11/19

* Comments for RCP115-01: Also Reg RCPLB3
* Comments for RCPLB3-01: Also register for RCP 115
* Comments for RCPLB3-02: Also register for RCP 115

Office hours:

Tuesday:  12:30 pm  to 1:30 pm
Wednesday:  9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Thursday:  12:30 pm - 1:30 pm