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Ruth Gliss
Associate Professor of Nursing

Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension 6192
Email: Retrieving email address ...

Schedule for Fall 2017:

NUR120 01Y *Nursing 28:30 AM11:00 AM RSN21MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
NUR250 01Y *Nursing 53:00 PM5:00 PM WSN21MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
NURCL2 01 *Hosp Lab 27:00 AM3:00 PM THOSPMAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
NURCL2 01 *Hosp Lab 28:30 AM11:30 AM MSN21MAIN08/21/17-12/08/17
NURCL5 81 *Nursing 5 Lab/ClinicalTBATBA HOSPMAIN11/03/17-11/28/17

* Comments for NUR120-01Y: Exams Friday mornings, Dates T
* Comments for NUR250-01Y: Exams Thurs. mornings 9:30-10:
* Comments for NURCL2-01: Also reg NUR120
* Comments for NURCL2-01: Also reg NUR120
* Comments for NURCL5-81: Also reg for NUR250; 4 weeks

Office hours:

To be determined.