Genesee Math Department


Ken Mead
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Information Systems

Office: D395, Math/Science Division
Genesee Community College, One College Road, Batavia, NY 14020
Phone: (585) 343-0055 extension 6381

Schedule for Fall 2015:

CSN115 66 *Intro to Operating SystemsTBATBA ONLNDIST08/24/15-12/11/15
MAT141 02Calculus 110:30 AM12:20 PM T RD358MAIN08/24/15-12/11/15
MAT102 66 *Algebra 2TBATBA ONLNDIST08/24/15-12/11/15
MAT141 01Calculus 11:25 PM3:15 PM M WD358MAIN08/24/15-12/11/15
CSN115 02 *Intro to Operating Systems4:00 PM5:20 PM T RD203MAIN08/24/15-12/11/15
CSN115 01Intro to Operating Systems11:40 AM1:00 PM M WD203MAIN08/24/15-12/11/15

* Comments for CSN115-66: Xlist CSN 115-02 360 Degree Le
* Comments for MAT102-66:
* Comments for CSN115-02: Xlist CSN 115-66, 360 Degree L

Office hours:

MW 10-11:30, TR 3-4pm

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